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Smoke Detector and Fire Safety Tips

Monday, March 27th, 2017

smoke-detector-fire-safetySmoke detectors are much more than just a safety recommendation. In most parts of the country, including ours, they are legally required—and for good reason. These devices save lives, and are particularly beneficial if they are hard-wired into your home.

Hard-wired smoke detectors are not typically required in homes that were built before 1992, but come with benefits—they’re directly connected to your home’s main electrical system so that even if forget to change the detector’s batteries, they’ll work so long as your home has power.

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Comparing Industrial and Residential Lighting: Why You Need a Professional

Monday, March 13th, 2017

industrial-lighting-need-professionalThere are a number of differences when it comes to having industrial lighting installed for your business or commercial space, versus having lighting installed in your home. We have experience in both, and it’s important that you do hire a professional with the right experience for your Loveland, OH industrial lighting installation and services.

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