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Can an Amateur Electrician Hurt Your Business?

electrician stripping wiresIn a word, yes. Whether they’re skilled at residential electrical jobs or they’re just a general handyman to begin with, it’s very easy for an inexperienced electrician to make a mistake. And mistakes lead to business interruption, particularly if it’s a mistake that put the building’s occupants at risk.

This is why we stress how important it is to seek a trained professional when you’re hiring a commercial electrician in Florence, KY. The qualities you look for in such a professional are going to depend on many things, such as the type of service you require—whether it be an installation, renovation, inspection or testing, or even an electrical panel upgrade. But overall, you’ll definitely want the following:

Appropriate Licensing and Insurance

The best commercial electrician for your job is going to be licensed and insured. It probably goes without saying that electrical work can be risky. Therefore, it should only be conducted by an insured individual who is authorized to perform the task at hand.

In case of an incident or injury, an insured electrician won’t put the financial burden on you. Rather, their insurance will cover any damage.


As a business person yourself, it’s likely that for any work you’re going to do, service or product you’re going to provide, you collect information to determine what the approximate cost is going to be for your client. Commercial electricians do the same. As such, they should be able to provide you with an approximate estimate.

Be sure you get the estimate in writing so that, if anything comes up later on that’s questionable, you have paperwork to refer back to.

Positive Reviews

When an electrical failure or fault occurs in a residence, it’s an inconvenience for sure. When it happens in a commercial setting though, it can be even more detrimental, particularly if it leads to business interruption. Thousands of dollars or more can potentially be wasted.

That’s why when you hire a commercial electrician, you want to check what past customers are saying. Are they happy with the work? Did the job get done correctly and as described? These are important factors to take note of.

Choosing the wrong electrician or trusting an amateur for the job can lead to a host of problems, including:

  • Injury: Electrical shock is and has been one of the leading causes of on-the-job injury and fatalities among construction workers. Without the proper training and equipment, this risk is exacerbated.
  • Property Damage: When anyone works with electrical wiring, there is a risk of damaging appliances or melting wires hidden behind walls. This can lead to extensive property damage that you or your company could be held liable for. A licensed, insured, and experienced electrician isn’t going to present this same risk, however.
  • Nullified Property Insurance: Any good business owner or commercial property owner is going to at least have a minimum amount of property insurance. But there are often terms to your insurance policy, and allowing an amateur, or a general handyman, to attempt electrical work can lead to a loss of coverage from your property insurance company.

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