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Are You in Need of a New Garbage Disposal?

At the beginning of the year, many homeowners resolve to make improvements to their home. This may involve remodeling and other visibly aesthetic projects. One project that doesn’t often come to mind, but could be a good idea, is replacing your garbage disposal—one of the most underappreciated but widely used components of your kitchen.

But how do you know if you need a new garbage disposal? Aside from it breaking down on your entirely—which we hope doesn’t happen to you—are their warning signs that the time has come for a new sink disposal unit? Yes, there are!

Are You Frequently Hitting the “Reset” button?

This button is located on the bottom of a garbage disposal unit, and pops out when there is too much strain placed on the motor. Basically, it’ a circuit breaker. You need only to press it down to get the motor working again. However, if you find this is happing a few times a week, then the motor is starting to fail and it’s time for a new garbage disposal.

Does Your Sink Plumbing Suffer from Clogs?

Is the drainpipe connected to your disposal clogging up on a regular basis? If so, there may be trouble down in the time—in which case we recommend professional drain cleaning. However, it could be that your disposal isn’t grinding food effectively. And no, it’s not due to “dull blades”—the “blades” of your garbage disposal are not sharp to begin with.

Is Your Food Grinding Too Slowly?

If you find yourself running the disposal for longer to clear out the hopper (which is the main chamber of the disposal unit) then this indicates that it is close to the end of its service life due to wear and tear.

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