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The Most Common Electrical Repair Needs among Homeowners

electrical blueprint with magnifying glassMost homeowners are able to do very basic jobs around the house, like replacing a light switch or the faceplate of an outlet. But for the most part, electrical services—particularly Newport, KY electrical repairs–should be left to the pros. This is due mainly in part to the safety risks involved with electric work, but it also helps to prevent property damage.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common electrical repair needs homeowners face, and why scheduling prompt service is vital.

Failed Electrical Outlets

If you have an outlet in your home, or a group of outlets, that stops working, the first thing you should do is check the circuit breaker. If no breakers are tripped and it is, in fact, just one outlet that is impacted, then it could be that this particular outlet has burned out. This isn’t minor, however.

If any outlets in your home show sign of blackening, you should not use it until a professional can take a look. Even if one plug is working, you’re likely dealing with electrical wiring that needs replacement or repair, and trying to draw power from that outlet could lead to a fire or at the very least electrical shock. It’s not worth your safety.

Sparks Coming from Outlets

Similar to an outlet that isn’t working, an outlet that sparks should not be used and the power should be shut off to that outlet until we can take a look. Granted, sometimes it ends up being normal—if power is suddenly diverted to an appliance a quick draw on the available power will cause a brief spark.

But it’s a good idea to have it checked. If too much heat has built up in an outlet, it can melt the insulation surrounding the wiring. As wires become exposed, the chance of an electrical fire increases. When a connection is made to that outlet, the electrons can leap to the wrong area and cause serious sparking. This is known as short-circuiting and can certainly cause an electrical spark.

Another cause for sparking is exposure to water. The installation of a special outlet known as the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) will shut down the circuit if it comes into contact with moisture.

Flickering Lights

This is a pretty common electrical repair that we receive calls for. Too many homeowners dismiss this as a minor problem, but flickering lights is most often the sign of a poor electrical connection or the sign of an overloaded electrical system in general. You might need electrical repair, or in some cases you could even need an entire electrical panel upgrade. We’ll be able to make that assessment for you when we come to take a look.

Appliances Causing Circuit Breakers to Trip

High-wattage items running at the same time can overload your circuit. Like the flickering lights that we mentioned above, this can be the sign that you need an electrical panel upgrade. Another possibility is that you need a professional electrician to move an appliance to a different circuit if one is available.

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