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This Electrical Installation Can Improve Your Home Efficiency

wooden ceiling fanWith temperatures still on the chillier side, particularly at night, chances are that you’re still using your heater on a pretty regular basis. Soon enough though, you’ll be switching over to your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. What if we told you there was one simple electrical installation you could have done that will help make both of your HVAC systems work more efficiently, therefore saving you money?

It’s rare that adding an electrical appliance would actually leave you paying less for your energy bills, but that’s exactly what can happen with a Cincinnati, OH ceiling fan installation! Keep reading for more details, and if you’d like more information about this or any other type of electrical installation—since that is our expertise—don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

Let’s Talk About the Cooling Process

Do you know how an air conditioner works? There’s a fan within that blows air. But, this isn’t what cools your living space. Like that fan, a ceiling fan can’t lower the temperature of your home, either. There are a number of components within an air conditioner that actually make the cooling process successful, including:

  • Refrigerant, which transfers heat from the inside air and expels it outdoors.
  • An indoor coil that absorbs heat and cools down.
  • A compressor, which adds pressure to the refrigerant so that it can do its job.

Each of these components works alongside the rest of the air conditioning system to actually lower the temperature of your home. Without them, all a fan can really do is move around warm, stale air that’s already present in the home.

Okay, so how does a fan help?

By doing a better job of evenly distributing air throughout your home than a stagnant vent alone on the wall can do. Ceiling fans are very useful—more than you even may realize!

Ceiling fans installed throughout the home can help cool the rooms faster and allow your air conditioner to shut off sooner. Ultimately, this reduces your monthly energy bills. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s ineffective to have ceiling fans on in unoccupied rooms as they are there to help you feel cooler, not to actually lower the temperature like your air conditioner does—but they are a fantastic supplement!

Can They Help with Heating, Too?

They sure can! Ceiling fans have a switch on them—usually found near the center where the light fixture mounts, that switches the direction of the fan blades. This clockwise direction actually helps pull heat down so that it can move more evenly throughout your living space. Some advanced ceiling fans might even have a wall switch or a remote control for more precise control.

As we stated above, it’s rare that the installation of a new electrical appliance can actually bring your energy bills down, but that is the case with ceiling fans! Plus an added benefit is that they can do a lot to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

At Servall Electric Company, we’re “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas.” Contact us today for superior electrical services.

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