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Considerations to Make for Your Indoor Lighting

large kitchen with under cabinet lighting and pendent lighting hanging from ceilingWhen it comes to making any type of electrical upgrade in your home, you have many considerations to make. It is first important to note that due to the increased demand we place on our homes with various high-efficiency appliances and other electrical equipment, the first step you should take before any new installation is to have your system inspected in case you may need an electrical panel or wiring upgrade.

There’s no exception for a Mason, OH indoor lighting installation. Whatever lighting choices you make, you want to ensure that your home’s electrical grid can support them, for your safety as well as convenience. But of course, we understand that if you’re considering adding indoor lighting, it’s for aesthetic reasons, too! So we’ve shared some tips below on what to consider in regards to indoor lighting in your home.

Consider Under-Cabinet Lighting

This is a very simple and affordable way to add visual depth and even task efficiency to the most-used areas of your home. It can be beneficial in many rooms, but particularly in your kitchen, beneath the cabinets that rest above your kitchen counters for cooking and cleaning purposes.

The installation of this type of lighting is pretty easy, and something our electricians will have no trouble doing quickly and accurately. Under-cabinet lighting also has a safety benefit—again, especially in regards to the kitchen. When you can see what you’re doing more clearly, there’s less chance of having an accident while cooking or prepping food.

Would Recessed Lighting Look Good?

In almost all cases, yes! This is a very aesthetically pleasing way to use lighting in order to accent certain parts of your home, without obstructive lighting fixtures. Plus, recessed lighting helps create an illusion of more space within a room. This type of lighting usually gives off a fairly subtle glow, so they are not very obtrusive. In fact, most people put them on dimmers.

Recessed lights can be adjusted to provide a pleasant ambient environment, or if you prefer it can spotlight particular areas, such as where you have artwork you’d like highlighted. Lastly, while most homeowners have recessed lighting installed in kitchen or living room areas, the versatile enough that they can be installed pretty much anywhere.

Ceiling Fan Considerations

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home. They don’t lower or raise the temperature of your home, but they can help distribute air from your heater or air conditioner, helping your HVAC system efficiency. But why are we mentioning that in a post about indoor lighting?

Well because as you know, many ceiling fans come with a lighting fixture attached. But, since most people buy ceiling fans for the look of the blades or the fan overall, they don’t always consider the light that it throws off. Some can only handle so much wattage, so if you were planning on a lot of light, you might be disappointed.

Whether you want a ceiling fan without a light or one with pretty sufficient lighting, this is definitely something to take under consideration when planning your indoor lighting installations.

Whether you’re ready to have indoor lighting professionally installed or you need some other electrical service, you can trust Servall Electric Company for the job. Contact us today and see how we are “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas.”

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