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Do You Need an Electrical Wiring Upgrade?

American electrical outlet and cover plate, with screwdriver and wire nutsSome electrical issues may seem so benign in nature that you are unlikely to give them a second thought. Take a circuit breaker tripping every now and then. Or perhaps you have some flickering lights. These aren’t necessarily immediate causes of alarm, but this certainly doesn’t mean you should ignore such issues.

Electrical troubles can be serious, even if their symptoms don’t seem like it at the time. Electrical fires account for hundreds of injuries a year, some of them fatal and many of them preventable! Investing in a Fairfield, OH electrical wiring upgrade can reduce your risk of electrical fires or shock. But how can you tell if your home needs one? The truth is, you may need to call in a licensed electrician to do a thorough inspection of your electrical system. The good news is, you needn’t look any further than right here to find one!

In the meantime, we’ve shared with you below some signs that you do, in fact, have a need for an electrical wiring upgrade.

Issues That Put Your Home at Risk

  • The need to constantly reset breakers or replace fuses.
  • Lights that flicker or dim frequently, even if it only happens when you’re using another appliance or fixtures. This may mean your circuits are overloaded, when they shouldn’t be.
  • Light switches and outlets that are hot to the touch.
  • Light bulbs that burn out far too quickly.
  • The sound of buzzing from light fixtures, walls, or the circuit breaker panel.
  • A burning odor coming from your outlets or anywhere else in the home.
  • Any sign of sparks when you plug something in, or an electrical shock (don’t automatically dismiss this as dry air—though that can exacerbate the issue).

You Should Have Your Electrical System Inspected When…

  • Your home is several decades old and you do not know when the last electrical inspection was.
  • You use multiple power strips or extension cords throughout your living space.
  • You’ve installed new fixtures that require an increased amount of voltage.
  • You have two-pronged outlets throughout your home, and particularly in rooms that use water, such as bathrooms, your kitchen, and your laundry room (you should instead have GFCI outlets in these areas).

What Type of Electrical Wiring Upgrade Do You Need?

This will be dependent on a number of factors. You might assume that your home will only need a new circuit breaker, and sometimes this is the case. However, oftentimes, an electrical system needs a more complicated upgrade than just a circuit breaker.

This is because your home might not be drawing in enough amps to accommodate a larger circuit breaker box, and this can do a lot of harm. What may need to happen is that you’ll need your electrical panel and meter replaced.

Or, you may need to have older wiring replaced. This is especially true if old and unsafe methods were used to hold wires in place. A professional electrician will discuss your options with you—but be sure to only trust the professionals versus an inexperienced amateur!

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