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Do I Need Electrical System Updates?

American electrical outlet and cover plate, with screwdriver and wire nutsThroughout the course of your homeownership, you may have likely had a circuit breaker trip here and there. Maybe you noticed lights flickering every now and then, too. Perhaps you have an old electrical system—but should you be worried about this? Well, electrical troubles can be serious, even if their initial symptoms don’t seem that way. Electrical fires account for hundreds of home fires every year, and many of them are preventable.

We urge you to never neglect your need for electrical repairs in Cincinnati, OH, and consider an electrical system upgrade if your home if your home was built decades ago and never had one. Doing so can reduce your risk of electrical fires as well as electrocution, helping you live in a safer home. But, how do you know for sure when you need electrical repairs?

When Is It Time to Call a Professional Electrician?

Our electricians are standing by and ready to help when you have an electrical problem. But, if you don’t know that you have one, it’s understandably going to be difficult for you to make that call. Here are some signs that you do in fact need electrical services:

  • You find yourself constantly resetting breakers or replacing fuses.
  • Your lights frequently flicker or dim, even if it only happens while you’re using another appliance (this means your circuits are likely overloaded).
  • Light switches and outlets are hot to the touch.
  • Light bulbs burn out sooner than they should.
  • You hear buzzing coming from your light fixtures, walls, or the circuit breaker panel.
  • You see signs of sparks when you plug something in or get an electrical shock.
  • Your home is several decades old, and you have no idea when the last inspection was.
  • You’ve installed new fixtures since moving in, that require a lot of voltage.
  • You have two-pronged outlets throughout your home (we’ll get to this one below).

Many homeowners believe that their household is okay because symptoms are mild, but the truth is you may need a complete electrical panel upgrade. We’re putting higher and higher demands on our electrical systems and as a result more homes need this service. Rewiring is another possibility. When you call on our team, we can conduct a thorough inspection and help you make an educated decision on your next steps.

Do You Need GFCI Outlets?

We mentioned how you may need to call an electrician if you have two-pronged outlets throughout your home. This is because those are outdated, and have a high shock and fire risk. GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) should be installed in any room or area that has water. This includes bathrooms, your kitchen, laundry room, and if you have outdoor outlets around a pool area or without cover then there as well.

A number of communities require GFCI outlets be installed with all new construction projects, and for good reason. They help protect not only your home, but even more importantly, your safety.

For quality electrical services, contact Servall Electric Company, where we are “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas!”

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