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Oven Troubles: When to Repair, and When to Replace

Of all the appliances that call your kitchen home, your oven may be one of the most important. It gets you through family meals, holiday meals, and any special baking projects you may have throughout the years. As we progress into the New Year, you may have had some trouble with your oven over the holidays, and perhaps you’re wondering if it’s time to replace it. The good news is, that oftentimes you can get by on a repair. Either way, we provide the electrical services you need to get back to cooking when and how you want!

Repair: When the Oven Won’t Turn On

This is almost always an electrical issue. Do remember, however, that because of the risk of being exposed to high voltages of electricity, a professional should be the only person to perform this type of repair. Also remember that even if you have a gas-powered oven, the problem may still be electrical in nature, as it could be an electric igniter that has failed.

Replace: When There Is a Fallen Rack

Sometimes, this type of problem may still be covered by your warranty, so do check your owner’s manual. However in many cases this is one internal issue that is going to be very costly to repair, and if your oven is aging it will probably be more cost effective to replace it.

Repair: When the Oven Light Won’t Work

This could be as simple an issue as a bulb that’s gone out, and you should be able to handle replacing it on your own. If that doesn’t work however, it could be a faulty light switch, connecting wire, or electronic control that requires inspection from a professional.

Replace: When There Is Rust

Corrosion is never a positive sign, but it’s a natural occurrence with any metal appliance that encounters moisture, as ovens do through the natural process of cooking. Repairing this is not a cost-effective decision, and therefore replacement is your best bet.

For electrical oven services throughout Sharonville, OH and beyond, contact Servall Electric Company today!

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