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Why You Need a Professional for Your Appliance Replacement

white kitchen with multiple appliances in it.For most homeowners, when you need electrical installation in Hamilton, OH for an appliance, you just go out and buy the first one you can find, usually at the cheapest price. But what most people don’t realize is that hiring a professional to help you choose a new appliance and install it can actually be a great, affordable, alternative over just sticking a new appliance in your kitchen yourself or trusting a general handyman to do the job.

Take a refrigerator for instance. Replacing this appliance is timely and probably inconvenient for you to plan. Plus, you have to dispose of your old one which only adds to the inconvenience. Without the right professional on your side, you could also find yourself spending too much time and wasting too much money on your fridge replacement. Keep reading for a few reasons why you need a pro for your appliance installation and replacement needs.


The number one reason you should hire a professional electrician for your appliance services is for your safety, your family’s safety, and the wellbeing of your home. Working with electricity can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Pros have the right training, equipment, and expertise to get the job done as safely as possible.


Most homeowners who take a “do-it-yourself” approach to electrical service of any kind typically end up calling in a professional anyway, after their repair or replacement doesn’t do the trick. Oftentimes, these well-meaning homeowners end up making the problem more complicated to fix than it would have been if they’d just called an electrician and scheduled a replacement in the first place. Hiring a professional electrician from the get-go will save you valuable time and money.


Electricians often get calls about a particular problem with an appliance or a piece of equipment, to arrive on the job and discover the problem is actually a symptom of a much larger issue that needs addressing, or that repairs would only delay the inevitable–the appliance is worn out and it makes more economic sense to replace it. The average homeowner wouldn’t know this. In fact, you may be tempted to DIY repairs, like we mentioned above, and end up facing a much larger, unaddressed electrical problem soon after.

Proper Education and Certification

Professional electricians must go through many hours of education, on-the-job training, and certifications before earning their license to perform electrical work. This guarantees that we can deliver a certain standard of work that you can’t achieve without those hours of training and experience. When you’re on the lookout for an electrician, check to see whether they’re an apprentice, journeyman, or master electrician, and verify that their company is bonded, licensed, and insured.

A Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional electrician for your appliance services can give you a peace of mind. Having an expert handle any part of your electrical system and the equipment connected to it will help extend its lifespan and prevent future issues. Electrical work performed by a pro is also going to be guaranteed, meaning that if the problem comes back, we’ll come back to make it right.

For superior appliance services and to learn about our other electrical services, contact Servall Electric Company: Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas.

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