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Signs You’re in Need of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

two electricians in hard hats working on electrical panelAt some point over the course of your homeownership, you may have had a circuit breaker trip. Or maybe you’ve noticed lights flickering every now and then. Do you have an older living space, with an equally old electrical system? If so, and you notice these symptoms more than once, then it is time to pay attention.

Electrical problems can be serious, even if their initial symptoms don’t seem that way at first. Electrical fires account for hundreds of injuries each year, some fatal, and most preventable. Covington, KY electrical repair services, such as upgrading your home’s wiring or electrical panel, may be necessary to ensure your safety, as well as the integrity of your home. But how do you know when you need these services?

Heed These Signs that Electrical Upgrades Are Due

There are some apparent signs that indicate you need to contact a professional electrician as soon as you can. These problems that we have listed below put your home at risk. While many times there may be a quick fix, it’s also likely that you need an overhaul of your outdated electrical system.

  • You are constantly resetting breakers or replacing fuses.
  • Lights frequently flicker or dim, even if only when you’re using another appliance (this indicates that the circuits are overloaded, when they shouldn’t be).
  • Light switches and outlets are hot to the touch, and light bulbs burn out too soon.
  • The sound of buzzing is coming from your light fixtures, walls, or the circuit breaker panel.
  • You’ve noticed a burning smell from your outlets or anywhere else in your home.
  • You’ve seen any sign of sparks when you plumbing something in, or receive an electrical shock when doing so.

Is It Time to Have Your Electrical System Inspected?

So, maybe you aren’t experiencing many problems right now, at least not the ones we mentioned above. Perhaps you just have the occasional tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Still, though, you might want to have one of our electricians check on your home, just to ensure your wiring is safe. This is especially true if any of these statements apply to you:

  • Your home is several decades old, and you’ve recently moved it but are unsure of when the last inspection was.
  • You use multiple power strips and extension cords.
  • You’ve installed new fixtures that use a lot of voltage.
  • There are two-pronged outlets throughout your home, and particularly in rooms that use water, such as your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room.

What Can You Expect After an Electrical Inspection?

There are a couple different updates that may be required after an electrical inspection. The common assumption is that you’ll need a new circuit breaker for an isolated problem.

But because of the increasing demand we place on our homes when it comes to electrical appliances, it may actually be that you need an electrical panel upgrade, or even whole-house rewiring. The only way to know for sure is to give our pros a call!

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