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You May Not Know It, but Your Home Might Need Rewiring

Wiring a new home is a feat in itself, but rewiring an entire house is an even bigger challenge, and definitely not one that the average homeowner can or should try to attempt on their own. However, sometimes this service is needed to not only improve your daily electrical use but also to increase your home’s safety. Fortunately, our team of professional electricians are all you have to call for exceptional rewiring services.

Why Would I Need Rewiring?

Even in just the past few decades, the demand for electricity has grown exponentially. It seems to only be increasing, too. Homeowners are adding powerful appliances, and there are constant technological advances and new devices on the market that require electricity to run.

This heightened demand for power can overwhelm not only an outdated electrical panel, but also an older wiring system. Additionally, homes built 50 years ago were equipped with copper or aluminum wiring, which both have proven to be a fire hazard. If you’ve been in your home for over 50 years or are unsure if any updates have been made to the wiring, then it’s time to get it checked out.

But How do I Know if I Need Rewiring?

Have you found that your circuit breakers are constantly tripping? If you need to resent tripped breakers on a pretty frequent basis, then chances are that your home’s electrical system can no longer handle the demands being placed on it.

Take a look, too, at the condition of your outlets. Are any charred or discolored? These types of marks on your outlets mean that electrical fires caused by shorts within the outlet have occurred. At the very least, the outlet will need an upgrade, but it’s best if you replace all the wiring.

In addition to doing a visual inspection of your outlets, make sure you pay attention to odors, as well. If you notice an acrid or burning smell when you turn on the lights in your home with no clear source, then it’s time to call an electrician. There is very likely something wrong with your home’s wiring.

For electrical wiring services you can rely on in Cincinnati, OH, contact Servall Electric Company today.

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