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How Is an Industrial Electrician Different from a Commercial Electrician?

commercial building at nightWhen it comes to hiring an electrician to handle your residential needs, you want to ensure you are choosing a professional who has extensive experience, the proper licensing, and applicable training to get the job done. When it comes to your commercial or industrial building, these factors are even more pertinent. A mistake in the electrical work of your home can lead to a major headache and potentially even monetary loss, but the stakes are even higher in a commercial or industrial setting—a mistake could be detrimental to business.

But is there a difference between hiring a professional Covington, KY electrician for a commercial building versus an industrial one? They sound very similar, after all. But actually, these distinctions each require a different type of training, and of course, take place in different environments. The foundation of any electrician’s skillset will be basic electrical knowledge, but they need more than that to handle a commercial or industrial job. Keep reading to learn more!

Commercial Electrical Work is Common

When you hear the term “commercial electrician” you probably think of an electrician that can handle just about any type of electrical work. It’s true that commercial electrical work is the most common of the two we’re discussing here today. The majority of the time, the environment in which a commercial electrician works in is accessible to the masses. This includes retail storefronts, restaurants, and potentially office spaces.

The main goal of commercial electrical work is to make sure that all wiring and electrical components of the structure are functioning both as safely and as efficiently as possible. Oftentimes, a commercial electrician may even be tasked with working on a high voltage electrical system or generator that accompanies a large HVAC system.

When Would You Need an Industrial Electrician?

Many business owners may mistakenly believe that the average commercial electrician can handle any type of work in a building other than a residential space. However, there is a higher level of expertise needed for the daily tasks of an industrial electrician. Specific education is needed, and typically these professionals are also required to go through a stringent apprenticeship training program to ensure their knowledge of the field.

The types of buildings that require an industrial engineer include manufacturing and production facilities, distribution facilities, and certain institutions such as assisted living facilities. These types of buildings require far different power needs that the general needs that most commercial settings do.

From exceptionally high voltage to intensely varied electrical components and facility machinery, industrial electricians have a very large responsibility. A simple mistake could lead to production loss, and information system breaches. Remember, commercial and industrial electricians both possess the basic knowledge of the electrical profession, but the tasks they are charged with certainly have their differences. For these reasons and more, it’s essential that should you run or own a facility like this that needs electrical work done that you contact pros who specialize in industrial electrical work!

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