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Comparing Industrial and Residential Lighting: Why You Need a Professional

industrial-lighting-need-professionalThere are a number of differences when it comes to having industrial lighting installed for your business or commercial space, versus having lighting installed in your home. We have experience in both, and it’s important that you do hire a professional with the right experience for your Loveland, OH industrial lighting installation and services.

Consider Your Environment

The average home doesn’t typically require outdoor lighting to be too bright—otherwise the exterior of your home could look like a parking lot! In industrial areas, however, this may be exactly what you want and need. However, location is important as well—for example if your industrial or commercial space is near a major street with sufficient lighting, you may require lower light levels. A professional will understand these specific needs and will be able to guide you in the right direction so that you can make an educated decision.

What Fixtures Should You Choose?

This may be an obvious statement, but typically commercial or industrial grade fixtures are going to be designed to be stronger, more versatile, and flexible when it comes to both construction and light output. The standard porchlight you may put over the front door of your home will probably not be sufficient enough to meet the electrical demands of your industrial space.

The Benefits of LEDs

LED bulbs have become increasingly popular over recent years, due to the amount of energy they help homeowners and business owners save, and subsequently how they help the environment. Switching out the bulbs in your home is likely an easy task you can complete on your own. But for the installation of LED-supportive light fixtures in your industrial space, or to have your current lighting changed over, you need the skills and experience of a professional.

Design is Important

Properly designed and placed lighting systems can have a significant impact on the success of your business or businesses within your industrial space. The right lighting will enhance both form and function as well as employee or customer visual comfort. It will also help improve safety and security within the spaces of your industrial location.

Providing functional and safe lighting system’s for modern industrial facilities is a complex undertaking that requires a specific type of experience and knowledge. Depending on your type of industrial space as well as its location, specific requirements will vary.

Professional Service Is Essential

As you may imagine, industrial properties have huge power requirements, much more so than a home or even a singular commercial building. As such, they require equally large electrical grids, and professionals with the logistical knowledge to manage it all.

Not only will most residential electricians turn down a job of this magnitude, those who say they can do it but can’t back up their work with proven experience and knowledge shouldn’t attempt a job of this size.

Servall Electric Company provides superior residential, commercial, and industrial electric services throughout the Cincinnati area and beyond. Contact us today to learn how we’ve been creating sustainability through bright ideas.

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