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Flickering Lights and Other Dangerous Electrical Symptoms

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Beautiful New Hardwood floors home interiorHave you ever walked into your home and flipped on a light switch to have it flicker a bit before coming on completely? Or maybe you turn an appliance or light on in one room and the lighting in another room flickers. You may write this off as just something that happens, particularly in an older home.

But what you’re actually dealing with is a problem that requires professional electrical services in Cincinnati, OH. You wouldn’t ignore a burst pipe pouring water into your home, right? Nor would you ignore an air conditioner that’s pumping hot air into your home. Therefore, an electrical system that’s not behaving as it should, shouldn’t be neglected either—especially since you’re facing more than just property damage by ignoring this issue—you’re facing a fire hazard.

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Signs You’re in Need of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Monday, January 29th, 2018

two electricians in hard hats working on electrical panelAt some point over the course of your homeownership, you may have had a circuit breaker trip. Or maybe you’ve noticed lights flickering every now and then. Do you have an older living space, with an equally old electrical system? If so, and you notice these symptoms more than once, then it is time to pay attention.

Electrical problems can be serious, even if their initial symptoms don’t seem that way at first. Electrical fires account for hundreds of injuries each year, some fatal, and most preventable. Covington, KY electrical repair services, such as upgrading your home’s wiring or electrical panel, may be necessary to ensure your safety, as well as the integrity of your home. But how do you know when you need these services?

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Aesthetic and Functional Electrical Additions for Your Home

Monday, May 8th, 2017

home-electrical-additionsThroughout the country, homeowners are placing much higher electrical demands on their homes than ever before. We’re talking about high efficiency electrical appliances such as HVAC systems, new devices like tablets and smartphones that need charging, and extra equipment for existing electronics.

There are a number of Mason, OH residential electrical services you can invest it for these additions, including an electrical panel upgrade. But in addition to making sure your electrical system can handle the demand you’re placing on it, it’s natural that you’d like to learn how you can maintain or improve the visual appeal of your home, while also making functional electrical changes. We have a few suggestions, which we’ve covered below.

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