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Historical Multi–Family Preservation

Efficient and safe electricity is a necessity for homeowners throughout Cincinnati, OH and beyond. Given how much we rely on our electrical systems for everything from powering appliances to charging mobile devices, safety is a huge concern, too.

This is particularly true when it comes to historical multi-family homes. At Servall Electric Company, our highly trained and experienced staff specializes in the historical preservation of multi-family homes. Contact us today to learn more and to see how we are “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas.” 

Keep Your Property Valuable

It’s a common misconception amongst new homeowners that historic homes will bring down their property value due to safety concerns. The truth is, with the right team performing the historical home preservation services, the multi–family properties you serve can easily retain or even grow their value.

Historic designations for homes can give potential homebuyers economically valuable benefits—for instance, the qualities that attracted them to their neighborhood will endure over time. And with the right electricians on your side, you can assure them that they’ll endure as safely as possible.

Trusted Electrical Services for Your Multi–Family Properties

Just as you want the homeowners and renters in your multi–family properties to trust in you, we want you to be able to put your trust in our team of expert electricians. You should never rely on just any amateur electrician you can find in Cincinnati, OH.

Choosing the right electrician for the job takes time and careful consideration. When you make Servall Electric Company your choice, you can rest assured that you’ve partnered with a team that is well aware of the sheer number of building codes in place designed to protect property owners and occupants from potential electrical wiring hazards, particularly when it comes to older, historical buildings.

Considerations for Rewiring Historical Multi–Family Homes

There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration for the historical preservation of multi–family homes, especially when it comes to rewiring. Today’s homes demand much more of their electrical systems—with the addition of computers, large and powerful appliances, mobile devices that require charging, and more.

When you hire a Cincinnati, OH electrical team for historical multi–family home preservation, you need to know that they’ll be able to accurately determine the needs of your property in order to successfully design and install the right electrical system, from the electrical panels and lighting to outlets and fixtures that will be required for the average devices and appliances used in any give home.

Updates Will Be Required

It likely goes without saying that, when it comes to providing electrical services as part of a historical home preservation project, updates will be needed.

Due to strict building and safety codes throughout Cincinnati, OH, your commercial electrician will very likely need to rewire portions of the building, hardwire smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, check to ensure that no existing wiring has been damaged during the historical preservation, and update the electrical panel to handle the increased demand.

Fortunately, our team can handle all of that and more. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this process—give us a call today!