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Appliance Electrical Wiring in Cincinnati, OH

It goes without saying that you rely on a number of appliances in your Cincinnati, OH home to make your life simpler. This is particularly true in the kitchen, where food prep requires the use of a fully functioning dishwasher, garbage disposal, oven, and more. With the addition of energy efficient models and new features coming out every day, many homeowners are installing new appliances in their homes.

At Servall Electric Company, we can hook up any appliance you need, ensuring your safety and convenience in the meantime. No matter what the technical needs of your appliance are, our Cincinnati electricians can wire and install your system for optimal performance. Trust the team who can set your mind at ease. Contact us today to learn how we are “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas.”

Home & Kitchen Appliance Installation Services

It may seem silly to contact a professional to install something like a freezer or a microwave, but having a certified electrician on your side is essential to the safety of your home and family. You want to ensure that bolts are installed correctly, water lines and gas lines are free of leaks, and that whatever appliance you are installing will work at its peak efficiency from day one.

You will not have this same peace of mind or level of service by hiring an amateur or unlicensed handyman. Your Cincinnati, OH home will not be in better hands with anybody but us.

Call Us for Appliance Electrical Setup Services

  • Dishwashers: While professional plumbing services are essential, you need a certified electrician for issues regarding this appliance’s controls, timer, and electrical wiring.
  • Dryers: Your dryer exposes your property and your family to a number of potential electrical issues. A faulty installation or repair could result in big consequences.
  • Freezers: Your Cincinnati, OH home’s freezer is one appliance that cannot wait to be repaired when it malfunctions. Not only will you be dealing with spoiled food in this case, but you’ll also have a watery mess to deal with as everything defrosts.
  • Garbage Disposal Units: Your garbage disposal is an appliance you likely take for granted, until something goes wrong. When you do have an issue, you want an electrical team you can trust to get it back up and running.
  • Microwaves: Is your microwave attached to your oven range or some other permanent fixture? If so, then dealing with it when it malfunctions is going to be very inconvenient. Even a seemingly simple replacement may not be so simple without the right professional electrician to assist.
  • Ovens and Stoves: Most homes today utilize gas–powered ovens and stoves, which presents a danger if either of these appliances malfunctions. Immediate repair services are essential to your safety and well–being.
  • Refrigerators: Have you ever tried to repair a refrigerator on your own? Refrigerant and other components can be unsafe to deal with for an untrained individual, but our electricians have been dealing with these factors for years.
  • Washing Machines: If your washing machine stops working or you hear unusual, concerning sounds coming from it, it’s time to call a professional electrician.
  • Water Heaters: Even gas–powered water heaters rely on a functional electrical system in order to operate. If your electric ignitor is failing or you have another problem with your gas or electric water heater, give our team a call.