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Oven and Stove Electrical Services in Cincinnati, OH

When it comes to appliances in your Cincinnati, OH home, there aren’t many that are more important than your oven and stove—where you prepare food and serve up hot meals for your family to enjoy. So when either of these systems runs into trouble, it can disrupt your home’s routine pretty suddenly. To replace your oven, you'll need to schedule professional electrical wiring and installation services. The Cincinnati electricians at Servall Electric Company are the right choice for this job!

Contact us today to learn more about our electrical installation process and how we keep on “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas.” Give us a call to schedule service in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.

Turn to Us for Professional Oven and Stove Installation

An oven installation may seem easy enough—you just detach the gas line and pull out the old one, replacing it with a new one, right? It’s actually a bit more of a process than that, and the untrained individual may end up doing more harm than good during this installation. When it comes to your Cincinnati, OH home’s kitchen, trust professionals to install your new oven, and subsequently handle your stove installation as well. Doing so will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Our team of electricians are trained to look for any and all specifications the ensure that the installation is completed properly. Whether re–wiring is required or extending the wires to fit a kitchen remodel is at hand, our electricians have you covered. 

Schedule Appliance Installations in Cincinnati, OH

Give us a call today to schedule electrical services in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area. Our team will help you determine what steps are needed in order to complete the installation of your new appliance, and provide the electrical installations you need to get up and running.