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Washing Machine Electrical Services in Cincinnati, OH

There are not many homeowners in Cincinnati, OH that don’t know how valuable a high quality washing machine is to their homes. Without this appliance, you’d be stuck with traveling to and from a laundromat, which is inconvenient and costly. Whether you have a new washer, or you're replacing an older model, make sure to work with an electrician for safe installation.

For over 60 years, Servall Electric Company has been helping our valued customers to wire and install their washers, and we’ll do the same for you. Contact us today and learn how we’ve been “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas” through the past 6 decades. Give us a call to schedule your washing machine installation in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.

Washing Machine Installation Considerations

Whether you are looking to get a brand new washing machine installation in your Cincinnati, OH home or you are replacing an outdated model, one thing is for sure—you want a washer that fits the laundry needs of your home and your family. In order to do so, you want to know what factors to look for when choosing this appliance.

  • Model: Washing machines come in two configurations: front loading or top loading. A front loading washing machine has the door on the front of the appliance while a top loader has a door on the top. You’ll want to think about which would best fit your space, particularly if it’s going to be stacked on a dryer.
  • Capacity: When you consider your washing machine’s capacity, you’ll want to think about how big it is, how many loads of wash you do at one time, and that your machine can handle the amount of laundry that your home generates. We can help you choose a capacity that best fits your needs.
  • Basic or High–End Capability: You may not necessarily need a washing machine that has all the "bells and whistles" if you just need basic washing. However, if you need extra functions or have specialized laundry needs, then you may want to look at a higher–end model.

Call Us for Electrical Services in Cincinnati, OH

Call our team today to schedule your washing machine installation in the Cincinnati area. Our team is both friendly and expedient, meaning that you’ll have full use of your new appliance in no time! Contact us today to schedule appliance installation services in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.