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Attic Fan Electrical Services in Cincinnati, OH

Have you ever noticed how hot your attic gets during the summer months? Chances are you don’t spend a lot of time up there, so you may not have. As you can probably imagine though, this resting heat can have a serious impact on your air conditioner. That thermal energy can begin to create hot spots upstairs and result in an increase in your utility bills.

The good news is, the electrical team here at Servall Electric Company has a solution to this type of discomfort, so you can start enjoying the cooling system in your Cincinnati, OH home as you should. This solution is an attic exhaust fan. Also called attic vent fans, this type of system helps to alleviate wasted energy, saving you money and increasing your comfort.

Of course, it’s essential that your attic fan installation be conducted by professionals to ensure a job done right. That’s what we are here for. Our electricians are properly certified and highly trained in a number of home system installations and services. Contact us today to learn how we’ve been “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas” for the past 6 decades. Give us a call to schedule attic fan services in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.

Attic Fan Installation Services in Cincinnati, OH

As we mentioned above, professional attic fan installation is vital. Our electricians will assist you in finding an effective attic fan that works for your Cincinnati, OH home and your specific needs. Successful attic fan installation requires hard wiring the fan into your existing electrical system and seamlessly integrating it into your attic’s gable or the roof itself.

If you already have an existing attic fan that’s not functioning anymore, or you think it’s not doing its job sufficiently and continuous repairs have proven fruitless, then you may want to consider an attic fan replacement. We will help you decide whether this is the best option or if we can provide repairs to help it operate a bit longer. However, an attic exhaust fan can only perform as expected if the installation is carried out by a highly trained professional, so contact our team today.

We Provide Attic Fan Repair Services

Attic vent fans, just like any other home comfort system, are susceptible to natural wear and tear over the years. While preventive maintenance is key to fending off serious repair needs, occasional problems can be expected. But how do you know when something is wrong, necessitating a service call to our team? First off, be sure to keep an ear out for any strange noises like grinding or banging.

Another sign of attic fan repair needs is a failure to comprehensively ventilate. Attic fans have a number of benefits for their users, but if yours isn’t doing its primary job, then it is time to have its functionality and effectiveness restored. So if you notice either of these signs, or if your attic fan simply isn’t working up to the standards that you expect it too, then let us know. Calling one of our professional electricians right away can help prevent any additional damage. Give us a call to schedule attic fan service in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.