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Ceiling Fan Electrical Services in Cincinnati, OH

One of the biggest reasons individuals add ceiling fans to their Cincinnati, OH homes is for visual appeal, but these can actually be highly effective energy-saving devices too. Of course, they can only do the job they’re intended to do successfully if they are professionally installed and serviced. When you give our team a call, you can ensure this is in fact the case.

There’s no reason to concern yourself with getting up on to a ladder with a heavy and awkward ceiling fan, and then dealing with all the electrical wiring involved. An inexperienced handyman won’t necessarily know all the steps to take to ensure safety, such as not connecting to an overloaded circuit breaker or running the safest wiring possible through your attic. When you need an effective ceiling fan installation, contact the team of electricians who have been “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas” for the past 60 years, Servall Electric Company. Give us a call today to schedule ceiling fan service in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.

Ceiling Fan Installation Services

There are a number of advantages to investing in ceiling fan installations throughout your Cincinnati, OH home. Namely, ceiling fans help you to save energy and increase your comfort in the summer. While ceiling fans cannot decrease the temperature of your home, they do create a cool breeze and enhance the cooling effect from your AC.

This means that you don’t have to set your cooling system’s thermostat so low, so the AC doesn’t have to work as hard and performs more efficiently as a result. In turn, this helps you save money, as an inefficient HVAC system is one of the biggest causes of an increase in utility bills. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of ceiling fans.

  • Winter Savings: Just as a ceiling fan can help save energy and money in the summer, it can do so in the winter. When you set a ceiling fan in reverse, it pushes warm air down, meaning it can help your furnace work more efficiently.
  • Versatile: Whether your ceiling fan is installed indoors or on an outdoor awning, it helps make the space more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Decorative: Let’s not forget aesthetic appeal. Today’s ceiling fan models have become increasingly attractive, adding to the décor of your home. There’s a wide variety of options from size, features, number of blades, finish, and more.

Call Us for Ceiling Fan Electrical Services in Cincinnati, OH

Just like any other home comfort system, ceiling fans can become damaged, start performing inefficiently, or start showing symptoms of wear and tear such as odd noises. When this happens, you don’t want to trust just anyone to fix it. Ceiling fan repairs require the services of a professional electrician to ensure that it’s not an issue with frayed or broken wiring, or perhaps an internal problem that may require a ceiling fan replacement. When it comes to ensuring your safety, as well as your comfort, you want a certified electrician on your side. We will make sure that everything is done to code, with a great attention to detail. Contact us today to schedule your ceiling fan repairs.