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Central Vacuum Systems

Many Cincinnati, OH homeowners are all too familiar with the inconvenience of lugging an old, clunky vacuum cleaner up and down stairs, trying ineffectively to reach tricky spots to provide comprehensive cleaning throughout the home. If you’re looking for a more convenient way to clean your home, you’d do well to consider a central vacuum installation.

Central vacuum systems, also referred to as built-in or ducted vacuum cleaners, are labor-saving systems that basically turn your entire home into a vacuum system. The only components required are a lightweight hose attachment that connects to inlets located around the house, in addition to tubing in the walls and a power unit in either your basement or garage that handles the removal of debris. To learn more and to schedule a central vacuum installation, contact the electricians that have been “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas” for over 60 years: Servall Electric Company.

How Does a Central Vacuum System Work?

As implied above, a central vacuum system is a permanent fixture in your home. It functions by using tubing inside your walls, which lead to a central power unit and collection point. The power unit is usually located in a basement or a garage, where it’s easily accessible to clean and service. The tubes connect to inlets throughout your home, which are covered with spring–loaded hatches.

When it comes time to clean a room in your house, you’d simply attach the lightweight and portable vacuum hose to the needed inlet, which connects to the tube as well as a set of electrical contacts. Then you can activate the power unit remotely with controls located on the vacuum hose handle. The power unit creates suction, much like a traditional vacuum cleaner, and the debris that is removed with the hose goes directly to a collection bag. When you’re finished cleaning a room you can easily detach the tubing and move on to the next area to be cleaned. To clean the power unit, all you’d need to do is detach the collection bag and empty it in the trash.

Count on Quality Installation from the Pros

Investing in a central vacuum system will make cleaning your home far easier. However as you can imagine, installing one is a bit more complex. Our electricians are properly certified and trained to provide you with complete installation and replacement services for these systems. When you trust our team, you can rest assured that the installation is done correctly and you won’t suffer any detrimental electrical problems.

Having a central vacuum system installed has many benefits, including health benefits. In fact, one study found that central vacuums are advantageous for people who are sensitive to dust, since these systems do not vent inside the home and send allergens back into the air like traditional vacuums do. But to truly avoid any problems with this system, you must have it professionally installed.

We Provide Central Vacuum System Repair Services

When it comes to a broken down or malfunctioning central vacuum system, many homeowners are tempted to just go back to using their old vacuum cleaner, no matter how inconvenient that may be. But this innovative system solves many of the downfalls associated with using a regular vacuum. So instead of not utilizing a system already installed in your home, why not trust our professionals to conduct central vacuum repairs? Remember, you’ll be able to reach tight spaces more easily, and you’ll help your indoor air quality. Contact us to learn more about the numerous benefits of these systems or to schedule service in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.