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Cincinnati, OH Generator Services

Imagine it is right smack in the middle of winter, on one of the coldest days of the year, and all of the sudden your power goes out and your heating system shuts down. This is just one scenario in which the installation of a whole-house generator would come in handy.

As a leading provider of generator installation, repair, and maintenance in the Cincinnati area, Servall Electric Company offers exceptional generator services from a leading manufacturer. We are a proud KOHLER® authorized dealer, and we look forward to helping you with your generator needs. Our Cincinnati electricians are highly trained and certified to provide the highest level of service in the area. Contact us today to schedule generator services in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area! We are creating sustainability through bright ideas.

Why Should You Choose KOHLER®?

KOHLER® is committed to quality. From manufacture to generator setup and installation, you can count on hundreds of performance tests being done to ensure that your generator will be safe and effective throughout its lifespan, whenever you may need it. 

When a storm hits or some other catastrophe causes an extended power outage, your KOHLER® generator will automatically come on within just 10 seconds. It can then power up your HVAC system, sump pump, any major appliances in your home, and even medical equipment you may have plugged in that requires power.

Trust the Pros for Your Generator Installation in Cincinnati

A backup generator is a bit of a strange appliance. We say this because you likely hope you’ll never need one for your Cincinnati, OH home. However, you also need the assurance that, if the time does come that a generator needs to run, yours will turn on and supply the necessary electrical voltage to power all of your vital systems. The only way you can count on this, though, is by hiring a professional installer for your generator setup.

Our skilled electricians will ensure that the generator you choose is correctly sized to meet your home’s specific needs. Servall Electric Company will work with you to figure out what your power needs are during a blackout, then provide the expertise to ensure the correct wattage is supplied without overloading your electrical system.

Do You Need Generator Repair?

When your generator is in use, you’ll want to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary is happening. While some problems may be obvious (a very loud noise coming from the system) others are more subtle. No matter what’s wrong, though, you need a professional’s training and expertise to diagnose and solve the issue.

What if your generator fails to turn on when you need it? You may be out of fuel, which is important to check on before you call for repairs. However, it could instead be an electrical or mechanical problem that requires special attention. You can count on our team of pros to find a solution and get your generator back to being the reliable piece of equipment you need it to be.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Generator Maintenance

The biggest benefit of scheduling routine generator maintenance is that it enables the system to do its most important job—give you the reassurance that your home and family will be able to get through any power outage without stress or safety issues.

Maintenance provides a peace of mind, but in addition to that it helps the generator run as efficiently as possible. After all, a worn out generator will likely have loose connections and will drain energy much faster than it should, costing more to run. If you’re ready to schedule your next generator maintenance session—we recommend doing this annually—contact our team today! Give us a call to request an estimate on generator services in Cincinnati and the surrounding area.