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Electrical Panel Service in Cincinnati, OH

Your Cincinnati, OH home’s circuit breaker panel, also referred to as the breaker box or electrical box, is the heart and brain of your entire electrical system. It serves as the main switching station for the circuits, which send electricity to your lighting and appliances, and guards your home from potentially dangerous overloads by shutting off circuits when needed.

If your circuit breaker panel is malfunctioning, or if it is outdated and incapable of handling the rising electrical demands throughout your home, then it’s essential that you have the problem fixed right away. Just like any other electrical job, you should only trust a certified and highly trained electrician to service this component.

The Cincinnati electricians at Servall Electric Company are here to make sure that you receive the highest quality electrical work done for your breaker box, from timely repairs to rewiring or requests to replace the circuit breaker with an upgraded system. You should never take a chance when dealing with the electrical system of your home: trust our electricians to see that everything is done right and that your home is kept up to code. Contact us today and learn how we’ve been “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas” for over 6 decades! Give us a call to schedule electrical panel service in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.

Electrical Panel Services in Cincinnati, OH

Simply put, your electrical panel is what supplies electricity to your numerous gadgets and appliances throughout your Cincinnati, OH home. Power from your utility company flows into your home through this panel. It then branches out into major electrical sources, and dwindles into smaller branches to distribute power.

An effectively operating electrical panel is vital to the safety of your property and, more importantly, your family. If the electrical demands of your home are too many for your existing circuit breaker panel, or if your home still uses a fuse box, then an upgrade is necessary right away.

How to Locate Your Breaker Box

If your Cincinnati, OH home starts showing signs of a faulty electrical system, then it’s important for you to check out what’s going on with your breaker box. Old electrical panels can cause a number of symptoms, including but not limited to: flickering lights, the need to turn off one appliance in order to use another, and melted electrical wires.

Your electrical panel can be identified as a painted or gray metal box, generally mounted on the wall of your home in an easily accessible area such as a utility room, laundry room, garage, or basement. If you can’t easily find the electrical panel inside your home, however, it might be located outside.

Electrical Panel Upgrade & Installation Services

Once you’ve found where your electrical box is located, it’s time to look for signs that you may be in need of an upgrade. First, listen for crackling sounds coming from the box. You’ll also want to check for corrosion or rust on the breakers or the panel itself, as well as overheating electrical service conductors.

Other signs that you may need an electrical panel upgrade include finding yourself needing extension cords on a regular basis—which probably means there’s been an increase in your electrical demands as you’re adding more appliances or electronics to your home—your appliances are running at less than full power, or your home isn’t equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in necessary areas.

Other reasons you may want to consider a new electrical panel include if you are renovating your home and adding appliances, you’re adding a room, or you’re adding a major appliance to your home that you did not have previously—such as a central air conditioning unit. Contact us today to learn more about our electrical panel services and to schedule your upgrade!

Call Us Right Away for Electrical Repairs in Cincinnati

If your electricity has turned off or if there is any reason that you suspect there’s an issue with your electrical panels or wiring don’t hesitate to give us a call. Faulty wiring can cause a very dangerous scenario, and it’s best to have it check out right away. For electrical repair services in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area work with the electricians at Servall Electric Company for safe, high quality workmanship. Along with providing electrical services that make your home a better place, our number one goal is to provide a safe environment for you and your family. To learn more about our electrical panel repair services, give us a call!