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Surge Protection Service in Cincinnati, OH

The most important thing you need to know about power surges is that they come at random. There’s no predicting or even preventing them. They can occur in any type of home, whether your home is older or not and whether or not it has an extensive electrical system. If you leave your home unprotected from these power surges, you can and likely will find your favorite electronics and appliances suffering from the repercussions.

This means your air conditioner, heater, television, microwave, and even smaller appliances such as your charging smartphone or toaster oven can be negatively affected and destroyed. You don’t have to leave this all up to chance though—whole house surge protection from Servall Electric Company is how you can protect your Cincinnati, OH home and electrical components. You can make sure your appliances last as long as possible with our help.

Contact us today to learn more about our surge protection services and how we dedicate ourselves to customer safety. Our certified electricians are standing by to help you with all your electrical needs. We’ve been “Creating Sustainability through Bright Ideas” for over 6 decades and would love the opportunity to show you how we plan to continue doing just that.

Why Whole–House Surge Protection?

When you think about power surges, do you picture a surge from lightning or some other weather phenomenon? The average homeowner does think about this, however this actually is not the cause of most of the power surges that are generated these days. In fact, they come from the electronics that we use every day—which has been increasing with the addition of smart phones, mobile devices, computers, modems, etc.

This means it’s imperative that you have reliable whole–house surge protection, to protect against electronic mishaps. For example, an AC system can create a voltage spike that blows out another appliance in the home. Or, it can destroy a computer chip, a circuit board, or some other important electrical component.

At this point you may be thinking, "but this has never happened before, so why should I worry?" Power surges are becoming increasingly common and you may not even notice when it has impacted an appliance in your home. Quite often, a power surge won’t do major damage to your home all at once. Rather, surges slowly destroys electronics, causing the components to degrade and eventually causing the electronic itself to die. Prevent this possibility with the right surge protection system.

Surge Protection System Installation Service

It’s important to consider all the electronics and appliances that are hooked up to your electrical system—from your TV to your HVAC systems. Anything that is connected to your electrical power supply can be significantly damaged beyond the point of repair in the event of a power surge.

Most homeowners don’t realize not only how detrimental this is, but how important professional surge protection installation is. Only a certified and highly trained electrician, like the professionals on our team, will understand how to approach this type of installation to ensure your safety and the safety of your home—our number one priority. Contact us today to schedule your surge protection system installation!