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Call Our Fairfield, OH Electricians

The highly trained and knowledgeable electricians at Servall Electric Company are SBE and Section 3 certified, with a combined 75 years of experience serving the Fairfield, OH community and beyond. Our company was founded over 60 years ago and our commitment to quality customer service has only grown in that time.

Contact us today to learn about our extensive services, including our 24 hour electrical services to get you through an emergency with as little downtime as possible. Our electrical experts will allow us to help protect not only your property, but also your valuable electronics and appliances throughout your home or commercial space, including your HVAC systems. Give us a call today to schedule electrical services in Fairfield, OH and the surrounding area.

Electrical Services in Fairfield, OH

For the past 60+ years, we’ve taken great pride in our efficiency and focus on electrical safety. We always put our customers first and even offer 24 hour electrical repair services throughout Fairfield, OH and beyond. Whether you want to install a new electrical system or need repair to your surge protector or electrical panels, our Fairfield, OH electricians are on call to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our extensive electrical services. We won’t turn away a job for being too large, and we stay committed to keeping you out of harm’s way. Even the simplest of electrical jobs can be dangerous if not handled by an experienced electrician, which you don’t have to worry about if you have our number on hand.

We Offer Specialized Commercial Electrical Services

It doesn’t matter what industry you serve, the pros here at Servall Electric Company provide commercial electric services as well as industrial electric services for all aspects of commercial electrical wiring, lighting, and even demand meter services. Our certified staff is expertly trained and certified to install, repair, and maintain a number of electrical components, from comprehensive commercial lighting fixtures to smoke detectors.

Our team is made up of dedicated electricians who work diligently each and every day–we even offer 24 hour services–to deliver the high quality work and exceptional customer service that your commercial space deserves. And safety always comes first with us!

Comprehensive Electrical Wiring & Rewiring throughout Fairfield, OH

Comprehensive electrical wiring necessitates a very unique set of skills and knowledge. When it comes to electrical repairs or wiring services of any kind, there’s too much at risk to leave anything to chance. Be sure to keep our number handy when your home is in need of electrical wiring or rewiring.

We’ve been providing electrical services of all shapes and size throughout the Cincinnati Tri–State area for over 60 years, and our top priorities have always been our customers, and safety. We’re eager to tell you more about our services and help you schedule your next electrical wiring appointment.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installation and Repair

The fixtures that you choose for your Fairfield, OH indoor and outdoor lighting systems will have a considerable impact on the visual appeal and functionality of your home. This is why you should seek out the best possible electrical company to handle all of your lighting installations and services for you.

This will ensure that you get the products and product knowledge required for the safety of your property and your family. Contact us today to learn more about our various lighting options and to schedule an appointment with our expertly trained staff.

Are You in Need of Ceiling and Attic Fans?

As a homeowner, you should never have to worry about getting up on a ladder with a heavy and awkward ceiling fan, or an even more complicated attic fan. Nor should you have to concern yourself with the electrical wiring required for the installation of either of these systems. An inexperienced individual won’t know all the steps to ensure safety when it comes to ceiling fan or attic fan service safety.

The good news is, you have our team to take care of this for you. We know not to connect to an overloaded circuit breaker, and how to check for this. We also know how to run the safest wiring possible through your attic.

Schedule a Fairfield, OH Electrician

Whether you need emergency electrical repair services or are looking to install or wire a new system, our certified electricians are the trusted choice. Give us a call today to schedule electrical services in Fairfield, OH and the surrounding area.